How it Works
Turning back the clock on DNA: Methylation, demethylation, and the aging process.
Human growth, vitality, and health depend on the ability of cells to grow and divide by making exact copies of their DNA. One of the epigenetic mechanisms used to modify the function of genes and affect gene expression is DNA methylation. It’s an essential part of auto-immune function, brain chemistry, stress response, how your body turns food into energy, responds to inflammation, and repairs cells due to damage caused by free radicals. 

As we get older, our body’s ability to make exact copies of its DNA wears out. Scientists can see the changes in our landscape of gene expression in age-related biomarkers, including pathologies such as improved bone density and joint health, slower wound healing, degenerative neurotransmission, and hair loss. Increasingly, DNA methylation is seen by scientists who study aging as one of the most effective predictors of aging and life expectancy.

DNA methylation patterns do not have to be permanent. The patent-pending sustained release combination of Calcium and Alpha-Ketoglutarate in Rejuvant’s LifeAKG™ holds the promise to reset methylation patterns in your DNA. By rebalancing your methylation patterns, Rejuvant® can potentially turn back the aging clock, reducing age-related ailments and extending healthspan in four important ways:
When you eat protein, your body produces ammonia as a naturally occurring by-product, which builds up and impairs function of your brain, muscles, liver, and kidneys. Rejuvant LifeAKG enhances the ability of antioxidants in your body to reduce this excess ammonia and support a healthier balance of the chemistry in your body’s tissues.
Day in, day out, every cell in your body is subject to unwanted changes to its DNA. These DNA strand breaks can occur from oxidative damage sustained during metabolism, or exposure to x-rays, UV light, and chemicals in our environment. Your body attempts to reverse these changes to specific parts of your DNA through demethylation, but this process becomes compromised as we age. 

The LifeAKG in Rejuvant helps support the methyl patterns in your DNA, enabling genes to signal more efficiently. Your DNA can maintain a better-balanced methylation profile, allowing for a healthier aging process.

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Recharges cellular energy
Eat food and behind the scenes, the Krebs cycle goes to work, converting food and drink into energy. The chemical reactions of the Krebs Cycle deliver the main source of cellular energy in the body. These cellular reactions take place in the matrix of mitochondria, and use sugar (glucose) to transform electrons into energy. Rejuvant LifeAKG supports the Krebs Cycle so cells can regulate and conserve energy. As a result, you feel less tired and more energetic.
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As we grow older, our cells accumulate reactive oxygen and nitrogen in a process that scientists call oxidative stress. As a result, the cells in our body become damaged and cease to grow. Known as senescent cells, these “zombie cells” no longer properly function, divide, or make room for younger, healthier cells. The active ingredient in Rejuvant has been shown to block the excretion of a range of inflammatory chemicals from senescent cells. By helping to reduce the low-grade inflammation observed during the aging process, Rejuvant can support a healthier cellular response to inflammation.
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